Procurement: Look to  the Future, Not the Past


Procurement: Look to the Future, Not the Past

This white paper reveals the challenges procurement teams have had in maximizing value to the business, and presents Procurement 4.0 transformation as the solution to the current state and path to maximizing the value of procurement.

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Survey Says: Yes, Procurement Could Add More Value

Explore high-level results from our surveys of procurement executives and practitioners and C-suite stakeholders. See how long procurement actually takes, explore differences between practitioners’ perceptions and stakeholders’, and uncover the value practitioners see Procurement delivering – and the value stakeholders seek.

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What is the Value of Procurement at Your Organization?

Take this easy, quick assessment to measure the relative gaps in stakeholder and Procurement practitioners' perceptions, benchmark how long procurement processes take for you versus others, and see what value Procurement could add in your organization. At the end you’ll get a report comparing Procurement at your organization with Procurement at other similar organizations.

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Getting to Procurement 4.0: Leverage Technology to Tackle Friction Points

Discover how ContractAI, a SaaS-based solution that leverages AI to transform the contracting process, dramatically improves the analysis, creation and negotiation of contracts. See how billion-dollar global enterprises leverage ContractAI to reduce the time to contract from more than 90 days to one week, at the same time reducing contracting risk and minimizing contracting friction.

ContractAI is the technology that can give Procurement time to focus on strategic, value-added activities – and earn its place as a valued business advisor.

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