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The Real Deal
How Only Real AI Can Revolutionize CLM


A CLM solution powered by real AI accelerates time to contract and reduces risk. Learn how it works, and how to tell the difference between real AI and the rest, in our latest procurement insights ebook. 

Get the ebook and explore the key components of the AI, which include:

  • Automated ingestion of all contract language from historical contracts and templates in any format
  • Fully automated extraction of any key data
  • Human-like language comprehension and semantic comparison
  • Analytics gives you insights into the provisions suppliers have redlined and the contracts you’ve actually signed
  • Analytics with a purpose recommends ways to improve the template and negotiation process to actually improve efficiency and reduce risk
  • Machine learning incorporates your data, your teaching and your suppliers’ behavior into its recommendations

Real AI learns, and then acts on that learning. That’s how a real AI-powered CLM solution alleviates the pain points associated with traditional contracting processes.

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